The renovation of the former Lettow-Vorbeck Barracks in Jenfeld to a livable neighborhood is the most important residential project in the district of Wandsbek.

Development of the HWC concept (2007-2011)

The development plan for the district Jenfelder Au is based on a design by the Rotterdam office West 8. In 2006, they won an urban landscape planning competition with their concept design. The plans of the West 8 office show impressive solutions that set new standards from an urban planning point of view and regarding the use of water and energy. In addition to living on the waterfront, the idea of creating ensembles of urban townhouses that can be combined and arranged in a variety of ways was highly convincing.

The lively, modern and varied quarter not only provides living space for over 2000 people, but also space for businesses. In addition, attractive green and water areas will be created with the central cascade park and Kühnbachteich pond. Some listed barracks buildings from 1934/35 and the drill ground of the former Lettow-Vorbeck barracks will be preserved as a complete ensemble.

A new district in the heart of Jenfeld

The new Jenfelder Au district is being built on a historic site. The Lettow-Vorbeck barracks were built in 1934/35 together with the Von-Estorff barracks. The Kelloggstraße separated the two areas until the two barracks were merged into a double barracks after 1945. The barracks were closed in 1998 when the federal government reorganised their military bases. For the district this meant a considerable structural loss at first. Nevertheless, it quickly became apparent what tremendous development opportunities this would offer.

The Jenfelder Au closes the gap between the districts of Jenfeld, Tonndorf and Hohenhorst and, with its loose buildings and generous public spaces, provides ideal conditions to become the new centre of Jenfeld.

In order to get the Jenfelders excited about their new quarter and prospective centre, all interested citizens and important local players such as the district conference are involved in the planning process from the very beginning. For example, the name Jenfelder Au was determined in a Hamburg-wide competition. From 2013 to 2017, the exhibition Stadtquartier Jenfelder Au was also held on site, providing information about the plans and offering space for Questions.

Ground-breaking ceremony for pipeline construction (2013-2016)

In the first phase of construction, the black and grey water pipes for the district were built. In autumn 2013, the ground-breaking ceremony took place. Jutta Blankau (former Senator for the Environment of Hamburg), former HAMBURG WASSER Managing Director Michael Beckereit and representatives of the sponsors ceremoniously marked the start of construction. The construction of over 3400 m of black water vacuum pipes and 2900 m of grey water gradient pipes was completed in 2016 as part of the development of the entire area.

The pumping stations for grey water and black water also belong to this system. The black water pumping station is located on the work yard of HAMBURG WASSER in the district and due to its pumps and tanks provides a permanent and sufficient negative pressure level in the black water pipeline network. The most important moments of the construction of the vacuum station are recorded in the following Video.

Commissioning of the black water vacuum network (2016)

The construction of the separate drainage networks for black water and grey water of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® was completed in autumn 2016 and officially put into operation. Since then, HAMBURG WASSER has ensured reliable drainage for the residents of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® in the district. HAMBURG WASSER filmed important moments of the beginning of operation, such as a performance test and the first connection to a new building.

The first residents arrive (since 2017)

In early 2017, the first residents moved into their apartments in the Jenfelder Au - and more and more buildings are in the construction phase. Gradually, more and more people are moving into the Jenfelder Au to enjoy life by the water. Once completed, 835 residential units will be connected to the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® allowing more than 2000 people to find a new home.

HAMBURG WASSER documents the progress made in the construction of the Jenfelder Au with the support of the EU Life+ grant.

Commissioning of the black water treatment (2019)

The black water treatment - the heart of the new & innovative waste water concept of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® - was officially put into operation on 18.06.2019. From now on, the resulting black water can be processed directly in the Jenfelder Au and will serve as an energy supplier. In a fermenter, the black water is digested together with co-substrate to produce biogas. A combined heat and power plant then uses the biogas obtained to generate electricity and heat. In addition to energy generation, the low water consumption of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® is also an important feature of the project.

Construction of 2 pilot plants for grey water treatment (4th quarter 2019)

In autumn 2019 the construction of two pilot plants for grey water treatment commences in the district. The two plants should generate their first results at the beginning of 2020 and determine a suitable method for grey water treatment in the Jenfelder Au. In addition, students and research groups will have the opportunity to carry out projects on the subject of grey water in a real material flow. The obtained test results can serve as important empirical data for future grey water treatment projects.