A comprehensive and interdisciplinary scientific support during the realization of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle in the Jenfelder Au neighborhood is ensured by the project "From disposal to supply: Linking renewable energy production with innovative urban wastewater drainage (KREIS)“.

The BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funded joint research project brings HAMBURG WASSER together with six scientific institutions and three industrial project partners from all over Germany. Coordinated by Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg Londong of the Department Urban Water from Bauhaus University in Weimar scientists and experts from different fields investigate and accompany this unique project from November 2011 till October 2014.

Under the slogan „supply through disposal“ the following issues will be addressed:

  • Energy and drainage engineering
  • Treatment and recycling
  • Ecological, economical and social sustainability of the concept

The objective is to integrate latest scientific findings in the planning and construction process and thereby assist HAMBURG WASSER in an optimal operation of the technical systems.

Valuable knowledge and experience will be collected which is directly applicable in similar projects. The holistic, innovative and future-oriented solutions will intelligently combine the fields of water supply, wastewater disposal, waste management and energy.

An overview of the project is given in this project brochure (German only) as well in the final report (German only).

The funding of this joint project for all ten project partners takes place through the BMBF-framework programme Research for Sustainable Development (FONA). Project Management is carried out by the Project Management Jülich