BMWi EnEff:Stadt

The one-year funding by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) (Extended funding period: 01/10/2011 till 30/06/2013) supports HAMBURG WASSER to further develop the concept and optimize its energy efficiency.

Based on the separation of material flows and decentralized processing, different variations of HAMBURG WATER Cycle’s innovative drainage and energy production system will be developed in this project.

For these variations mass and energy balances will be prepared and an energetic optimization of the concept based on the neighborhood Jenfelder Au will be carried out. Additionally, the transferability to other city districts will be investigated. The project is supervised by Project Management Jülich.

The project in Jenfelder Au is part of the BMWi-research initiative EnEff:Stadt, Research for Energy Efficient Cities. This initiative has the objective to develop assessment criteria as well as concepts and planning tools for municipalities and other stakeholders like the housing industry, with the aim to increase energy efficiency in urban areas.