Growing with Foresight: Welcome to Jenfeld

Hamburg is beautiful, with large green areas and water, everywhere you look, and Hamburg is growing. The Hanseatic city attracts 8,000 - 10,000 people annually to reside long term. In order for Hamburg to remain a livable and lovable city on the water, new residential areas need to be created which enable people to live alongside nature, but still in the city. Jenfeld demonstrates that these objectives need not contradict themselves. A district is being formed with inter-city residences located alongside water and nature. These properties, found in Jenfelder Au, exemplify why Hamburg is so attractive.

From Barracks to a Neighbourhood

Approximately 2,500 people will reside in the Jenfelder Au neighbourhood, which is built on 35 acres of land formerly occupied by the Lettow-Vorbeck Barracks. The homes will be either terraced and town houses or attractive ground floor apartments, most having their own garden. The variety of facades for the 770 residential units will possess a distinct Hamburg identity reminiscent of various building traditions from the Wilhelminian to the Weimar Republic style. The red brick and whitewashed facades create accent colors. This is coupled with the variety of building types and building heights which create a unique and memorable cityscape, creating a feeling of identity and comfort. The future residents of the Au Jenfelder do not need to live in cookie-cutter style (tract) housing. Instead, the development plan provides for different types of buildings that are spread over the entire neighbourhood area, and thus allows the individuality of different builders and architects to be manifested.

Living, Working and Shopping in the Au Jenfelder

Attractive apartments and houses are one thing, and proper infrastructure is another. For this reason, the district planner placed an emphasis on public spaces which have a clear function and ensure for a peaceful and cooperative coexistence. In the Au Jenfelder, the residents can meet together in parks and attractive boulevards. A cultural center is provided in a clearly defined neighbourhood center. This adds character to the neighbourhood, in addition to facilitating social and community involvement. Additionally, approximately 20% of the northern part of the Jenfelder Au is allocated for neighbourhood business, allowing the possibility to conveniently shop for everyday needs at a short distance.