The Innovative HAMBURG WATER Cycle®

The HAMBURG WATER Cycle® (HWC) concept provides a holistic approach to both the energy supply and sanitation needs in urban areas. In this approach, the complimentary areas of water and energy infrastructure become interdependent, simultaneously protecting water resources and utilizing wastewater to produce energy. Thus, it is possible to close the material cycles directly in the residential environment.
The most critical component of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® is the separate treatment of the different wastewater streams, the so-called partial flow treatment. Stormwater, wastewater from the toilet, and wastewater from the kitchen and bathroom (when washing hands or using the washing machine for example) are separately collected and then separately treated.

HAMBURG WATER, the water and wastewater utility for the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the surrounding area, created the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® as an innovative approach for wastewater management, specially adapted for 21st Century.

Three from One!

The HWC divides the household wastewater into three separate domestic effluent flows, which are then processed on an individual basis. This innovative method is both economical and environmentally friendly. To see how this works, please visit the following page:

HWC: Closed-loop wastewater management

A Futuristic Model

In the HWC, not all wastewater effluents are considered identical. The properties of the individual sub-flows can be explored on the following sites: