Closed-loop Wastewater Management

Water is both part of our lives and essential for our lives, both at the present and in the future. The innovative HAMBURG WATER Cycle® demonstrates how water can be handled in an economical and environmentally responsible way. Please read the following pages to learn about the separate handling of household water flows and about how toilets are the starting point for renewable energy.

HAMBURG WATER Cycle Picture.

The Jenfelder Au quarter

The Jenfelder Au quarter, a new residential area in the Wandsbek district, is being built on the former site of the Lettow-Vorbeck military barracks. In Jenfelder Au, the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® will be implemented in over 800 newly constructed housing units.
Further background information on Jenfelder Au can be found here.

Wastewater Management: New Methods

Why is it important to develop new technologies that conserve energy, nutrients and water? Which events have shaped today’s wastewater and sewage management practices?
Answers to these questions and further information on conventional wastewater practices can be found here.