Unity in Diversity- The Jenfelder Au

“Unity in diversity” is the slogan selected to represent the social and environmental standards incorporated into the Jenfelder Au neighbourhood, located in the eastern part of the city of Hamburg.

The Jenfelder Au will be the first neighborhood in Hamburg where the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® will be incorporated into newly constructed buildings. The neighborhood, which also incorporates other efficient approaches for energy production, comes very close to fully fulfilling the vision of a neighborhood with a completely self-sufficient energy supply. Additionally, the space-efficient development plan ensures affordable access to townhouses with gardens in Jenfeld.

The individuality of the over 2,000 future residents is also not sacrificed. The award-wining concept, given to West 8, the city planners from the Netherlands, incorporates a variety of house and apartment styles with individual aspects which harmonize to form one neighborhood which truly manifests the motto, “unity in diversity”.

The Jenfelder Au Newsletter provides current information on the neighborhood and the progress of the project.

Who, When, Where, and How?

Answers to these questions can be found at the following sites:

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The Buildings and Houses of the Jenfelder Au

Construction Information

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The HWC in the Jenfelder Au

Blackwater, yielding renewable energy, rainwater, producing picturesque creeks, and greywater watering gardens- all of this made possible by the incorporation of the HWC in the Jenfelder Au. How does it work? Learn more about it here:

The HWC in the Jenfelder Au